Peter Crawford: Film Maker - Photographer - Lecturer

Books & Publications


Peter Crawford has published five books in hardback - and has contributed articles and photographs to a great variety of national and international magazines including New Scientist, The Field, Country Life, National Geographic Magazine, Newsday Magazine, Diver Magazine, BBC Wildlife and The Listener.

THE LIVING ISLES A Natural History of Britain and Ireland (BBC Books 1985 ISBN 0 563 20369 2)

The unfolding story of the landscapes and wildlife of the British Isles - from ice age to motorway age.

Probably the best all-round view of our natural history (Daily Mail)... Clearly written, non-technical, entertaining and informative (New Scientist)... A magnificent companion to one of television's most compelling series (Guernsey Post)

This book by Peter Crawford reached Number 1 in the Sunday Times Best-seller list.

NOMADS OF THE WIND A Natural History of Polynesia (BBC Books 1993 ISBN 0 563 36707 5)

Peter Crawford's captivating and enthusiastic account of the far-flung islands of the Pacific - and the pioneering Polynesian people and exotic wildlife who first discovered and settled this remote oceanic world that covers half our planet.

Published in German as Nomaden des Windes VGS Koln 1995 ISBN 3 8025 1290 1

LIVING BRITAIN A Wildlife Celebration for the Millennium (BBC Books 1999 ISBN 0 563 38476 X)

Month by month, Peter Crawford's new book chronicles the wildlife year in Britain.

Lavishly illustrated with images from the country's leading nature photographers, this handsome volume celebrates the rich and varied landscapes and native plants and animals that we take with us into the 21st Century - all part of the British way of life.

THE CURIOUS CAT (with Michael Allaby) Michael Joseph 1982 ISBN 0 7181 2065 5

An engaging account of how a family of stray domestic cats, released onto a farm in Devon, rediscovered their true feline nature.

Studied by zoologists from Oxford University and filmed for an entire year, these feral cats became the stars of a BBC television documentary produced by Peter Crawford for the series The World About Us

IN THE COUNTRY (Macmillan 1980 ISBN 0 333 29325 8 )

Edited and compiled by Peter Crawford, this companion to his long running BBC television series includes contributions from its popular presenters.