Peter Crawford: Film Maker - Photographer - Lecturer

The Environment


Peter Crawford's work in television and film production - together with his books and other written publications - reflects a strong commitment to the conservation of the natural world and the health of the environment. During his career, he has worked with many international figures to bring the conservation message to global television audiences.

Jacques Cousteau

The late JACQUES COUSTEAU did more than any other man to bring the wonders of the marine world to TV. His passionate concerns for the future health of our planet was revealed in two landmark programmes presented by Julian Pettifer and produced in 1977 and 1978 by Peter Crawford in the Bristol studios of the BBC.


In the 1970's Peter Crawford introduced TV audiences to a new force in environmental concern - DAVID BELLAMY. Together they made many programmes which aimed to generate greater awareness about the natural world in which we all live.

In 2001, Peter's book Living Britain was awarded the BP Natural World book prize. The award was presented by David Bellamy.


In the summer of 1991, Peter Crawford produced a series of 12 programmes under the title Safari UK. Their aim was to celebrate the rich diversity of the British landscape and its native wildlife - and to show how the natural world on our doorstep can be easily explored and enjoyed. Presented by Julian Pettifer and Jill Dando, the series highlighted the ways in which the people of Britain are helping to protect and conserve the nation's varied landscapes and its native plants and animals.