Peter Crawford: Film Maker - Photographer - Lecturer

Film & Television


GREAT NATURAL WONDERS OF THE WORLD - a novel television journey with Sir David Attenborough across seven continents in search of the most inspiring natural wonders of our planet. (BBC2 2002)

Photographed in widescreen format and in high definition, this pioneering programme combined the latest developments in digital photography with the most innovative of film techniques to produce a programme of stunning visual and audio impact.

The principle cameraman was Mike Lemmon and the orchestral music was composed by Brian Bennett. A DVD of the programme is available from BBC Video - and in Australia from ABC Video.

MOONPOWER - the moon, our nearest neighbour in space, has orbited our planet for more than 4 billion years. It not only sets the rhythm of the tides, but its gravitational pull influences the tempo of life on Earth. From plankton to people, the lives of plants and animals are governed by its ancient cycle.

This film features many innovative photographic techniques to reveal the cycles of the moon and its powerful influence on the story of the Earth. (BBC2 Natural World 2003)


NOMADS OF THE WIND - a major 5-part series that follows in the wake of the pioneering Polynesian people as they voyaged across the Pacific - to discover and settle the far-flung islands the world's greatest ocean. (BBC2 1994).

Narrated by Tim Piggott-Smith.
Music by Brian Bennett


This series was screened coast to coast in the USA on the PBS Network, and in most European countries. The French version was awarded The Jules Verne Prize.

Images from his book and clips from his films are featured in the popular Nomads of the Wind talks and lectures which Peter presents to audiences around the world.


Peter Crawford's best-selling book Nomads of the Wind was published by BBC Books.


GLOBAL SUNRISE - a spectacular celebration of a dawn in the life of the world

On New Year's Day 1997, BBC2 and many other broadcasters around the world, transmitted this innovative 'shot as live' documentary programme. It was a celebration of the diversity and vitality of our planet, and of the rich and diverse wildlife with which we share the natural world.

Gannets nesting in the famous colony at Cape Kidnappers, on the east coast of New Zealand, just west of the International Dateline, are the first creatures in the world to greet each new day. From here, this epic television safari follows the rising sun - through six continents and every time zone, through desert and rain forest and tundra, beneath the oceans and above the clouds - to witness some of the most spectacular landscapes and wildlife on Earth.

Peter Crawford, who conceived and produced this pioneering programme recalls:

"This is the kind of event that brings out the best in television. Exotic places, compelling wildlife and knowledgeable presenters to guide and inform."

"Global Sunrise entertained as well as educated. It spoke volumes for the cause of conserving the diversity and vitality of our planet. For this reason - as well as its logistic and technical achievements - I am proud of it."


LIVING BRITAIN - a major six-part television series commissioned by BBC2 as part of its special programming to mark the new Millennium. Three years in the making and transmitted at the end of 1999, Living Britain celebrated the diverse landscapes and rich wildlife communities that make the British countryside so remarkable and inspiring.

The series traces a complete year as the land emerges from the depths of winter into the renewed vitality of spring - then through the long days of summer to the vibrant colours of autumn and finally to the onset of another winter. It is this natural cycle and the marked rhythm of the seasons that shapes the distinctive character of Living Britain.

A 3-disc DVD set is available from Parthenon Entertainment whose website carries full details of all six episodes together with production credits and the names of the many organisations and individuals who helped in the making of this major television series.


Filmed in widescreen format on Eastman Kodak film, this landmark series won International Awards for its excellence of photography, script, sound track and specially composed music by Brian Bennett. Together, the six 40 minute films create an intimate but contemporary portrait of Britain as the nation moved into the 21st Century.

The series was co-produced by the BBC Natural History Unit and HIT Entertainment.


Living Britain - the companion book - written by Peter Crawford and illustrated by some of Britain's best-known wildlife and landscape photographers, was published by BBC Books (1999).