Peter Crawford: Film Maker - Photographer - Lecturer

Talks & Lectures


Peter Crawford gives talks and lectures about his work as a film director and author - and about his special interests and projects that have taken him to some of the most impressive parts of the planet.

Illustrated with clips from his films and with location photographs, Peter describes his encounters with native peoples and wildlife around the world - and gives an insight into his enlightening discussions with leading environmentalists and anthropologists such as Jacques Cousteau and Thor Heyerdahl.

Peter Crawford


His principle talks, lectures and presentations include the following:

NOMADS OF THE WIND - a voyage of discovery across the Pacific Ocean

Peter spent three years researching, writing and filming in the Pacific - to produce his award-winning television series and best-selling book - 'Nomads of the Wind' which tell the extraordinary story of the Polynesian people and how they colonized an entire ocean. Peter's presentations use digital audio-visual techniques to recreate an entertaining and informative picture of the ancient Polynesian world.


Peter Crawford's Pacific talks feature the native people and wildlife of Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands, Hawaii and Easter Island, the Cook Islands, Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand - and tell of his collaboration with the legendary Thor Heyerdahl and Bengt Danielsson of Kontiki fame - as well as his own Pacific voyages of discovery in the wake of his hero, Captain Cook.



Peter Crawford takes his audience on a photographic journey around the world in search of the most impressive natural wonders of our planet.

From the awesome canyons of the American 'Wild West' to the mighty rivers and mountains of South America, from the fiery deserts and volcanoes of Africa to the ancient outback of Australia, we discover the wealth of natural landscapes that makes our world so visually stunning and inspiring.

MOON POWER - a celebration of the influence of our nearest neighbour in space

With stunning images and unique film footage, Peter Crawford reveals the powerful influence of the moon on life on Earth. From the irresistible rise and fall of tides to the biological rhythms of life, including ourselves, it is our moon that has made our planet so unique in the universe. Where on Earth would we be without it ?

Peter Crawford's other lecture subjects include :