Peter Crawford: Film Maker - Photographer - Lecturer

Television Drama


Many of Peter Crawford's award-winning television films and series are dramatised documentaries.


The 5-part series 'Nomads of the Wind' told the story of the pioneering Polynesian people who voyaged across the Pacific Ocean hundreds of years before Columbus.

Peter Crawford: "How these people, isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, achieved their sailing and navigational feats without metals or any knowledge of the outside world is truly remarkable. To do justice to their story for television, I decided to include dramatised re-enactment in the filming."


With the enthusiastic help of Polynesian cultural groups living in the islands of Tahiti and the Marquesas, Easter Island, Hawaii, the Cook Islands and New Zealand, Peter Crawford 'turned back the clock' on the story of Polynesia.

The dramatised scenes he and his crew filmed recreate a unique portrayal of life in the Pacific before the arrival of Captain Cook.


In his Talks and Lectures about the Pacific, Peter Crawford presents a glimpse 'behind the scenes' of how he and his team filmed Nomads of the Wind.


THE FORGOTTEN VOYAGE Written by Elaine Morgan Produced and Directed by Peter Crawford

Actor TIM PREECE played the part of Alfred Russel Wallace, the 19th Century naturalist.

It was Wallace's eight year voyage of discovery to the East Indies in search of wildlife that prompted Darwin to publish his revolutionary theory on the evolution of life by Natural Selection.

After growing a beard, actor Tim Preece (left) had a remarkable resemblance to Wallace (right).


Peter Crawford and his team filmed in many of the locations that Wallace that had described in his detailed journals.

Along the tributaries of the Sadong River, Wallace meets the native Dyak people of Borneo who help him collect native animals from the forests. With meticulous attention to detail, the film faithfully reconstructs Wallace's story.


'The Forgotten Voyage' celebrates the major contribution which Alfred Russel Wallace, an amateur naturalist, made to our understanding of the evolution of the natural world


Charles Darwin was played by TONY STEEDMAN. While Wallace was abroad working in South East Asia, letters were exchanged between the two men. It was Wallace's independently formed ideas on the process of natural selection that prompted Darwin to publish his 'Origin of Species' in 1859.

It was not until 1862 when Wallace returned from his epic voyage of discovery, that the two men formally met - at Down House in Kent, Darwin's family home.



Following the success of 'The Forgotten Voyage', Peter Crawford and his team produced 'The Garden of Inheritance'. Written by Elaine Morgan, this special dramatised edition of BBC2's The Natural World celebrated the life and work of Gregor Mendel, the Austrian monk who unravelled the secrets of biological inheritance - and founded the infant science that became the basis of modern genetics.

Father Gregor was played by actor MICHAEL HARBOUR, and the monastery garden in which he grew the peas for his genetic experiments was recreated at the old Prinknash Abbey in Gloucestershire.